What is Multiple Clipping Path ?

Multiple Clipping Path or in short the Multi Path is a sophisticated form of Clipping Paths which is also known as Color Gradient /Grading, color path or color correction mask.

As the term, it means the use of multiple paths for conducting clipping of an image. With this technique, we can separate colors from every item within an image, change an object’s rotation, its size, opacity or even alter the color effects or corrections to give an image a new and a fresh look. It is achieved using Photoshop’s Pen tool and is more laborious as compared to the normal clipping path.

How we do it?

The basic concept of doing all these changes to a photograph is to bring a new life or perspective to it, making it more appealing and stand above the horde of competitions that are there in the market.

We at Clearclipping offers the best background removal services to our prestigious clients with the use of best tools in the market that offers high quality, and cost -effective services well on time.Multiple Clipping Paths may be employed to the image of any product. It is now becoming an integral part of e-commerce websites that make your product stand out from the crowd. Multiple Clipping Path techniques have garnered much attention in photographic studios, publishing houses, advertising agencies, websites etc. At Clearclipping we have a highly trained and expert team of professionals who are ready to amaze you with their work, quality standards and efficiency.

Our way of presenting your image makes it extraordinary which in turn help your business connect with the buyers.

Where and how it is used?

Clipping paths can be performed on jewelry and apparels with images of various formats like IMG, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PICT, GIF, TIF or Flash animation etc.

What we can do with multiple clipping paths:

Removing background of an image

Create desired layers, even multiple clipping path layers by multiple selections

Shadowing or dropping shadows of desired images

Create separate components for animation

Create text or image wrap for special effects

Cutout or isolate the chosen image

How to get started ?

At Clearclipping client satisfaction is our best capital and we never compromise on our quality standards.

We accept all types of images and the cost of multiple clipping path services varies with the complexity and work volume per image but rest assured you get the unmatched service and quality.

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