What exactly is shadow and reflection in an image ?

Shadow and reflection are very important in digital images and provides it authentic and fresh look. Undoubtedly the simple and subtle detail like the skilled use of shadows can elevate the images of your product and give it a more professional look. Images get the natural look with the use of shadow service. We can alter the very presentation of any photograph by adding various shading effects.

Various type of shadow services include:-

Drop Shadow is very important in digital images to give it fresh and authentic look. It is a graphic effect that creates the illusion of a light source shining on an object from above and thus the shadow appears to be shed behind the object. It gives an image the depth by creating shading offset behind or beneath an image.

Natural shadow, like the term suggests, gives the image a natural look. It adopts the same theme but the difference is, it creates the original or natural drop shadow of a photograph. It is very useful for e-commerce, product photography, product catalog, magazines, newspaper, and advertisements etc.

Reflection Shadow, in the service of image shadowing, reflection shadow produces the same feeling like the mirror or the glass produces. It is a graphic effect that gives the illusion of shadows or mock shadow from lighting and gives a 3D effect to the objects. It gives images the glassy looks which make them even more attractive.

Why select cleaclipping?

Drop Shadow requires skilled designers that provide quality shadow service for all kinds of images.

At Clearclipping we work closely with our clients to know their requirements and work tirelessly to understand the exact necessity of the image. Regardless of the size of your images and their complexity our dedicated and knowledgeable professionals offers quick delivery to meet all your urgent need with the most economic pricing plan.

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